Insulation & Thermal Bridging

Passive House knows that for high thermal comfort in Australia, insulation needs to deal with the Summer (radiant) condition and the Winter (conductive) condition.

Our typical approach in lightweight construction is to use specialist multi-layered reflective insulation to the roof space outer side of the building and a variety of bulk insulation products to theinner side.

Silver Batts Wavecore MAX

Triple layer Silver Batts product brochure

Triple layer Silver Batts R-value equivalence

Wavecore MAX Silver Batts R-value equivalence

Wavecore MAX Silver Batts Calculations of equivalent R-values

Computational analysis of reflective air spaces by James Fricker


Careful attention to eliminating external thermal bridges is also very important. 

Examples include slab edges which need to be fully insulated, balconies thermally broken, window and door frames sealed.


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