A few words from our clients:

I draw on the expertise of Peter Steudle because he pursues an idea of energy efficiency that is adaptable to different contexts and conditions.

I see Passive House as providing ground breaking and adaptable strategies for energy efficiency in building by harnessing these strategies, where architectural design can further develop construction and material techniques that will inform unique architectural outcomes.

Peter advised KOA on a unique three layered insulation strategy for the design development of the Archibald St House in the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane. With two reflective layers and one termal layer, the house has remained cool in summer and warm in winter greatly reducing energy consumption costs.  

Kevin O'Brien Architects, KOA

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We strongly believe in caring for the environment and this includes utilizing as little electricity and gas as possible.  We therefore wanted to keep as much heat in as possible during winter when our central heating was on.  Also in summer we wanted to keep the house as cool as possible so that we used less air-conditioning.

The Passive House team made us aware of the importance of looking at the whole house as a unit.  We thus made some modifications in relation to sealing the house from drafts before the insulation was installed.  We were made aware of different types of insulation that could be installed in the ceiling cavity to keep in the heat that was already in the house and reflect the heat from the sun.

Anna, Rosanna 

Passive House offers sealing & hybrid insulation solutions


Our house is close to a major road with truck traffic. Prior to the installation of the [acoustic triple glazed] windows the noise of the trucks would wake us at 5am.

The sound installation achieved is extraordinary, aside from a good night’s sleep the entire ambiance of the rooms has changed without the intrusion of traffic noise—it is remarkably peaceful.

The venting position of the windows is ingenious and airs the room well.

When the windows are closed the difference during hot summers is several degrees.

The window design is picturesque—it beautifully frames the view.

Anne, North Melbourne

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The value of having someone managing the job who you can trust.

Parts of the work were subcontracted but Peter and James took total responsibility for managing the whole job.

[Passive House] delivered what they promised.

Jan, Middle Park

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