July 2020

Pro Clima, updated product brochure and price list

It's been ten years in our using and representing pro clima, and there is now a greater range of products than ever.

Passive House Pro Clima Australia Product Catalogue July 2020.pdf

June 2020

Passive House, Northcote


An earthy Passive House project in Northcote, designed by AOA Christopher Peck. 

We made some ambitous triple glazed windows and doors for this special project.

Even with lots of West facing glass; with heat abosrbing triple glazing, a very comfortable house in Summer & Winter.

Also supplied the pro clima membrane and tape systems.

AOA Christoper Peck website

June 2019

Passive House + Niimori Jamison Architects

We are delighted to be in alliance with Niimori Jamison Architects; a specialist Architectural Practice.

We've known them from their beginings, and are excited about our collaboration in making artful Passivhaus projects.


Niimori Jamison website

October 2019

Passive House, Gardenvale


Delighted to make and install these massive corner joining Lift & Slide doors, into this gem of a project.

Architecture by the brilliant Michael Markham, tUG workshop.  Visionary clients wanting a Passive House in Gardenvale.

Triple glazed, fat 50mm IGU's with Ug = 0.5W/m2K; R=2.0m2K/W.  Beyond Passivhaus performance, made in Australia.

Also supplied the pro clima membrane and tape systems.

tUG workshop website....scroll down that page

November 2018

Passive House Doors, Bendigo Soldiers Memorial


ETW_HugeFrenchDoors_Sill&Seals&Lock_active (1)PH_Certified_Door Sill

We custom made these absolutely huge (and heavy!) 3.1m high solid timber French doors, with a special "barrier free" sill that's PH Certified, for a Passive House project;

The Bendigo Soliders Memorial, by Lovell Chen.

July 2017

Passive House Fenestration, Carlton


Exemplary project in Carlton by Maggie Edmond of Edmond & Corrigan.

Triple glazed timber cutrain wall, doors and windows made and installed by our great team.

We also supplied the pro clima systems.

April 2017

Passive House, Emerald


Nice to see this Passive House project in Emerald, all wrapped up with pro clima, and our wonderful bespoke made Spotted Gum triple glazed windows and doors Uw=0.8 W/m2K to BAL 29.

February 2017

Passive House Timber Curtain Wall, Travancore


Stunning Blackwood Timber Curtain Wall (Passivhaus Certified system) with Spotted Gum on the outside, triple glazed 0.8 W/m2K, featuring integrated Lift & Slide door, Tilt & Turn window, and butt joined corner, bespoke made by us European Timber Windows & Doors and installed as a retrofit.

January 2017

Passive House Renovation, Blairgowrie


So great to go back and visit this project we re-built and improved to (almost) Passivhaus standard.

Triple glazed Accoya timber sliding doors and windows Uw 0.8 W/m2K, made by us European Timber Windows & Doors with integrated 93% blockout blinds.

Full house ductless ERV's for 100% fresh air with up to 90% energy recovery all day/every day.

Retrofitted weatertightness and airtightness membranes, with hypbrid radiant barrier insulation systems.

No airconditioning at all on this project, and absolutely comfortable during a scorching Summer.  

So cosy in Winter with a remnat fireplace that barely needs stoking. More of these please!


February 2016

South Pacific Passive House Conference, Melbourne

South Pacific Passivhaus Conference 2016

Our own Peter Steudle speaks at the inagrual Passive House Conference in Australia.

If you missed it, here's his presentation: PS_SPPHC2016


January 2016

Passive House Timber Curtain Wall, Ormond College

University of Melbourne


We are delighted to be working on the Wade Institute, Ormond College at the University of Melbourne.

We've been busily producing the complete timber curtain wall and doors for this exemplar project.  Completely bespoke timber curtain wall systems and 3m high doors, all  triple glazed Uw = 0.8 W/m2K,for outstanding perfromance.

Also supplying all the pro clima airtightness membranes and tapes.


December 2015

Passive House Lift & Slide doors, Kangaroo Ground

ETW_KG_L&S_Open#1 ETW_KG_L&S_Open#2

Triple glazed Accoya timber sliding doors Uw 0.8 W/m2K, made by us European Timber Windows & Doors  

Absoutely precision building and installation to get these beauties meeting in the middle and corners perfectly.

Brilliant addition to an Alistair Knox project.

November 2015

AIA National Architecture Awards - Sustainable Architecutre

Delighted to be part of the team for this project, a stunning example of comfortable, high performance building.

Really appreciate the astute Jury citation:

2015 National Architecture Awards - Sustainable Architecture 

September 2015

Sustainable House Day - Sunday 13th September

Passive Warehouse in West Melbourne

A great day with over 150 people visiting.

We were delighted with the questions from an enlightened audience grapling to understand this building's challenges and revitalisation process.

With an East-West and Southern orientation (absolutely no North), we've demonstrated you can achieve exemplary building performance, in a retrofit within a fully urban context, to the internationally renowned Passive House standard.

Thanks so much to Kate and John for the fine patronage of Passive House in their project.

Passive Warehouse Sustainable House Day 2015

September 2015

Certified Passive House training courses

Michael McCarthy of the Passive House Academy Ireland is coming out again to run Certified Passive House training courses - the 5 day Certified Passive House Tradesperson course and the 9 day Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant course.

Here's the links to find out more and register:

Certified Passive House Tradesperson

Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant

August 2015

MBAV, Green Living Builders Conference

Another great Master Builders Conference:

MBAV Green Living Conference 2015

Clare Parry spoke about Passivhaus in Australia;

Peter Steudle spoke about Pre-fabrication (and Passivhaus).

Pro Clima product displays, introducing our new expanding sealing tape Contega Fiden Exo; weather resistant and expanding, particulary for external variable gaps:

pro clima Contega Fiden Exo application guidepro-clima-contega-fiden-exo


August 2015

Wade Institute, Ormond College, University of Melbourne

Thrilled to be engaged to design and manufacture the façade and doors for the Wade Institute.

This project is to be the first Passive House Certified commercial project in Australia.

Wade Institute 

July 2015

Blower Door Testing in Beechworth #2

Another great Blower Door Test result for the Beechworth Building & Construction guys and Detail Green, achieving 1.5 ACH @ 50 Pa. They're just getting better every time.


June 2015

Australian Institute of Architecture VIC Awards

Delighted to be a part of tUG workshop and receive the AIA Victorian Chapter Award for Best Residential Architecure - Houses (New), and Commendation for innovative use of Colorbond.

AIA VIC Residential Architecture (New) Award 2015

AIA VIC Colorbond Commendation 2015


May 2015

EnerPHit refit in West Melbourne

Preliminary Blower Door Testing at Jones Place, West Melbourne;

Achieved a great result of 1.2 ACH @ 50 Pa - well on the way to Passivhaus for retrofit (EnerPHit);

A great team effort by DiMase Architects' Jim Stewart (Certified Passive House Designer), with PM&R Constructions' Rob Blake leading the on-site efforts, and our windows, doors, pro clima systems & Stiebel Eltron MVHR.

PassiveHouse_JonesPlace_BlowerDoorTestPassive House_Jones Place_North Melbourne

April 2015

Beechworth Blower Door Testing #1

A solid Blower Door Test for the crew of Beechworth Building & Construction

and Detail Green of 3.0 ACH @50 Pa.


April 2015

MVHR ducting

James organising the rigid ducting (imported from Germany) for another ventilation job:


March 2015

Grün Consulting

Congratulations to Clare Parry, who has just started up her own Passivhaus consultancy:

Grün Consulting

She's still taking care of our PHPP calculations!

March 2015

Certified Passive House Tradesperson

It's official, James Anderson is fully Certified:

Passive House Tradesperson (Building Envelope & Building Services) Certificate

February 2015

eZED in Australia

We are delighted that Paula Hugens & Denise Henkenhaf of eZED are visiting Australia in March.

Great to have these high calibre Passive House professionals crossing the Tasman.



eZED website:

iDeal House website:

January 2015

Certified Passive House Consultant

It's official, Peter Steudle is fully Certified: Passive House Consultant Certficate

November 2014

Australia's first Certified Passive House

Congratulations to the Hammerstein family for their commitment to achieving the first Certified Passive House in Australia, in Pages Flat SA:

Australia’s first Certified Passive House

October 2014

Monash Building 56

Congratulations to Dr Rob Brimblecombe's (Certified Passive House Consultant) commitment, and ISIS projects with Stuart McFarlane's UTD Group's diligence installing pro clima Soltex and Intello Plus weather & air-tightness systems, resulted in a great Blower Door Test of n50 of 2.5.  A great result for a refurbishment! (Tony's looking a wee bit tired, but relieved).


September 2014

Certified Passive House training courses

James Anderson attended the 5 day Certified Passive House Tradesperson course, and 

Peter Steudle attended the 9 day Certified Passive House Designer/Consultants course.

Both courses were counducted by the delightful Michael McCarthy of the Passive House Academy Ireland.

Thanks also to Susan Morris and Box Hill TAFE for bringing Michael to Australia.

It's wonderful to be travelling the Passive House path with many others.

August 2014

MBAV, Green Living Builders Conference

Thomas van Raamsdonk of pro clima was a guest speaker on building performance at the Master Builders Victoria Green Living conference MBAV Green Living Builders Conference

Over 150 Builders attended, and we demonstrated our European Timber Windows & Doors, Stiebel Eltron ventilation systems, and pro clima product systems for building weathertightness, airtightness and moisture control.



July 2014

Monash Building 56

Monash University are undertaking an ambitious refurbishment of their Building 56;

following Passivhaus Building Science principles.

Using the pro clima weather and air-tightness product systems:


September 2013

MBA NSW, State Award Winner


Winner displays environmental bent

Energy Efficiency

Scott James Builder

Published: Sydney Morning Herald

It has an eye-catching design that looks perfectly at home in the sparse rural surroundings near Albury on the NSW-Victoria border.

The exterior is almost shed-like, clad in steel, but with a twist - a corner of the house dips from the roof line to the earth as if folded.

This quirk is indicative of what's inside - materials that look raw but are the result of careful planning to make the property comfortable, with little need for artificial heating or cooling.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house has a study and cellar but is deliberately compact to reduce the materials required.

All of the windows are (low-E) double glazed, and the design avoids plaster and paint internally, resulting in less maintenance than standard houses.

It relies on rainwater collected in a 105,000-litre tank, and has a combined solar hot water and hydronic heating system.

The decking is made from hard-wearing, low-maintenance ModWood, and the steel panels used to clad the walls and ceiling have an insulated core.

The judges said a determined effort had been made to strive towards world's-best standards of passive living. "It's a worthy winner," they said.

Peter Steudle consulted on building performance for this award winning project.

Master Builders NSW Awards, for Energy Efficiency:

Builder: Scott James Builder

Architect: tUG workshop Weblink: Bethanga House

September 2013


Grand Designs Australia  

This project by Timonty Hill uses Passive House's Blower Door Testing service and pro clima air tighness system products featured on GRAND DESIGNS AUSTRALIA, filmed on 6 September 2013 and expected to be on air in late 2014.

Sorry no sneak preview available, but we can announce a fantastic air tightness result of 0.35 ACH @ 50 Pa! 

This is an exemplar achievement by all involved, using the pro clima Intello system.




















August 2013

MBAV, Green Living Builders Conference

Peter Steudle was guest speaker on building performance at the Master Builders Victoria Green Living conference MBAV Green Living Builders Conference.

Over 130 Builders attended, and we demonstrated our European Timber Windows & Doors, Silver Batts insulation, Stiebel Eltron ventilation systems and pro clima product systems:


July 2012

Australian Institute of Architecture VIC Awards

Winner of an AIA Victoria Architecture Award in the Public Architecture - New category for St Mary's Primary School Bairnsdale Gymnasium; tUG workshop in conjunction with Tim Hall & Associates.

Peter Steudle consulted on building performance for this award winning project.



April 2012

ArchiTeam Open Day

A great turn out of over 50 Architects enjoyed our workshop open day.

Thanks to Peter Hogg and the ArchiTeam members for supporting the event.




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