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At Passive House, we only use spray-foam free and silicone free solutions for air-tightness using the pro clima® systems, as spray-foams and silicone don't remain air-tight over time.

The pro clima air-tightness products have been tested to be effective for 100 years:

pro clima confirmed by tests for 100 years! 

The pro clima systems allow Builders to achieve very low levels of air infiltration, whilst safely protecting the building from moisture damage.

We are agents for the pro clima® specialist range of weather-tightness and air-tightness systems.

Background on the pro clima air-tightness and weather-tightness systems:

Courtesy: Ecological Building Solutions IRL/UK


Studies in Australia have shown typical domestic building air infiltration rates of 10-20 air changes per hour @50 Pa.

This means the typical Australian house (regardless of it's "Star" rating) naturally exchanges the entire volume every 1 to 2 hours, all day, every day.  Clearly it's impossible to be comfortable without a lot of heating and cooling!

To achieve low levels of building air infiltration, eliminate draughtiness, and control building structure mositure, requires a specialist air tightness layer/moisture control system.

Similarly a weathertight outer layer is important in protecing a building from rain, wind and water ingress.

The pro clima® systems provide the solutions: 

pro clima Intello brochure

pro clima Solitex Extasana brochure

pro clima Solitex brochure

Passive House Pro Clima Australia Product Catalogue July 2020


How pro clima Intello works:

Courtesy: pro clima


How to install the pro clima airtightness system: (courtesy: Ecological Building Solutions IRL/UK)



Not enough? For detailed information please download this report:

A New Zealand based study of Airtightness and Moisture Management

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