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Passive House also owns and operates:

Bautechnik Architectural Timber Curtain Walls

Panoramic Lift Slide Doors & Windows

European Timber Doors

European Timber Windows

Locally manufacturing timber curtain wall façades, panoramic sliding doors and windows, and high performance timber windows and doors, in Melbourne Australia.

Download our Bautechnik Timber Curtain Walls and Panoramic Lift Slide Brochure

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Download our European Timber Windows Brochure

We use locally made tripled glazed units, with multi coated low emissivity insulated glass, optimised for Australian conditions, with the highest performance glazing options: acoustic laminated, multiple low emissivity coatings, Argon filled; double & triple glazed to Ug-value 0.5 W/m2K (R-value 2 m2K/W).

Our windows, doors & timber curtain wall façades can perform better than walls; with Uw-values as low as 0.8 W/m2K (R-value 1.25 m2K/W); they are perfect for low-energy, high comfort buildings.

Also with integrated sunshading solutions, for Summer sun and glare control.

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